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Koroni citadel and monastery

Church of Panagia Eleistria
We went for a walk in Koroni to visit the Prodromos Monastery which is in the grounds of the Citadel. Although it’s the end of September the weather is still very warm -30c in the middle of the day. There is an entrance to the Citadel on the cliffs above the port but today we went in from another gate on the road leading down to the town end of the beach. This leads along a tree lined avenue to the church of Panagia Eleistria who is the protector of the people of Koroni. The icons of Eleistria, found on the site where the church was subsequently built, are carried in procession around the town once a year on the Friday after Easter.

To the side of the church is her tomb and a small chapel built into the rock

To the left of the church are steps leading up to the top of the castle walls where there are great views along Memi and Zaga beaches. Follow the path down through gates and on the left you’ll see another gate leading to a church:
When you enter the church you’ll see a door opposite that leads into the Monastery grounds; it’s like entering an enchanted hidden garden, very peaceful and somehow in it’s own world:

At the far end of the grounds there are steps leading to the roof of a small tower, the views from the top are magnificent but take care, there are no railings around the top and it’s a long way down!