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Walk from Kaplani – 8 Oct 2011

I was really hoping to do this one but there was a lot of heavy rain and thunder overnight. October is a very cheageable month, there can be sudden storms with a huge amount of rain then within minutes the storm passes over and blue sky appears overhead.  The rain seemed to be clearing so we decided to risk it; it rained a bit on the first part but then was ok, a nice day for walking in the end. Kaplani is in the hills above Finikounda, there are amazing views of the coastline and islands from up there. Kaplani is not far from Finikounda and a very pleasant village yet surprisingly it still seems to be entirely Greek – no new villas tagged on built by foreigners. The walk of 12km took in two other villages, Akritochori and Yamia.

Agios Theodoros Monastery

There are countless dirt tracks connecting the many small villages in the hills that make excellent walking routes. Our first walk of the winter season was on 1 Oct. We were planning to go but I walked into a plank and has a sore toe and Rachael was getting ready for a visit to the UK so we though we’d missed out. However, we met up with the group at the Monastery enabling us to see inside the church. Normally it’s locked but she had arranged to pick up the keys from the local Priest. The Monastery, near the village of Homatero, was abandoned many years ago but the church is still in use. It’s a tiny church located in a beautiful peaceful valley, byzantine in style with the remains of some lovely frescoes inside:

This small building is now the Priest’s office, these are some of his own paintings, original and captivating, that line the walls of the office:

the old man at leasure


Μπαμιες (bamies) is Greek for okra, or bindhi. Rachael grew these from seeds in the spring and now the tallest plants are 2m high. As you can see, the flowers are beautiful and not at all what you would expect an okra to develop from. The plants are still fruiting and have been all summer. The only difficulties are that the plants are covered in small hair like spikes that are quite painful, also the okra grow so quickly you have to pick them the day they are ready otherwise they are overgrown and woody by the next day. Amazing plants!