Monthly Archives: October 2012


This very smart looking tortoise came up our driveway, it’s shell was in perfect condition with very bright markings so we think it must be quite young. There is a colony of them living a few hundred metres down the track. A couple years ago we found one lying on it’s back in the road, it had fallen down the bank. And yes, we put it back, resisting any temptation to adopt it.

Polilimnio waterfalls

Southern Greece is very dry over the summer. By early May the last rain has gone and there is usually none or very little until September. This year we’ve had one big storm a couple of weeks ago and that’s all. Usually the first big storm brings a change to cooler weather but this year it’s stayed hot, still over 30C.

Last week we needed to go to Kalamata and went to the Polilimnio waterfalls on the way back. It’s a small lush gorge with a series of lovely waterfalls and lakes, an especially beautiful place to visit in the heat of summer.

I’ve added a Polilimnio waterfalls page to our website travel guide that describes the gorge and how to get there.