Monthly Archives: December 2012

Neolithic stone rows, stone circle and hut circles, Dartmoor

Merivale is on the western side of Dartmoor, not far from where I used to live in Tavistock. There are Neolithic hut circles there, north of the main road which are hard to find and stone rows and a stone circle just south of the road from the parking place by the side of the road up past the Merivale Arms. It’s always been a special place to visit for me. These photos were taken in October this year.

Herd Flock and Tsapi beach

Tsapi beach is about 25 minutes drive from Gargarou Retreat, past Koroni towards Finikounda. We passed a herd of goats on the road by the busy olive mill at Vasilitsi and later we watched a huge flock of birds from the terrace of a friends house near Tsapi beach, hearing the beating of their wings as they passed us several times.It is a beautiful drive through the valley surrounded by wild hills past Vasilitsi and down the road to Tspsi. The beach was deserted with wild seas and the sun bright and warm.


1st December in Koroni

After the early morning rain, by midday it was warm and sunny and we went to Koroni to celebrate the completion of our olive harvest with Ann and David and Nadia and Martin who all helped us pick the olives.

A lovely lunch at Kaggelarios, a table by the harbourside, a fishing boat coming in, a walkalong the pier and seeing the spectacular Taygetos mountains across the sea.How wonderful to be sitting outside and feeling warm on December 1st!