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Greek honey bees and bumble bees

Greek honey bees, Bumble bees and Carpenter bees are in abundance at Gargarou.

The honey bees are probably the Greek honey bee, Apis Mellifera cecropia as they are more black than yellow in their bodies.

A bee visits 2 million flowers for half a kilo of honey!

In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream the bumble bee is called a humble bee as in Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. This article is about how the humble bee became the bumble bee

Apis mellifera cecropia, Greek honey bee on Cistus creticus,with sacs full of pollen

There have been 2 new studies suggesting that pesticides could be damaging bees brains and could be hampering honey bees’ ability to learn and remember the scent of nectar-rich flowers which is vital in their search of food. These articles give details of the studies and EU’s recent failure to ban neonicotinoid pesticides.