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summer solstice sunrise

A deep calm feeling of peace and appreciation as the sun rose through a cloud over the Taygetos mountains across the sea, sitting by the myrtle bush at Gargarou Retreat.The myrtle tree is a symbol of love and of peace. Myrtle was the tree of Aphrodite who is often depicted with a myrtle crown. The flowers are wonderfully sweet scented and attract the bees. A beautiful sunrise at Gargarou for Pete’s Birthday!



Bill Parkinson


Bill, father of my children, sadly died on April 23rd. He was a wonderful poet – Earthsong  was read at the celebration of his life at his woodland burial in London. I made these clay pieces at Gargarou in the weeks before he died.


by Bill Parkinson 

Earth makes music.
Get your ear down.
Stretch on your belly in the warm dirt,
Or even in the muddy rains or ridged frost
And say ‘ I give you back everything you gave to me
And shall return to you my dead body’.

The soil may sing back
To you through crusted or frosted ear:

‘Your earthly loves are only me in different guises.
Enjoy, celebrate,
Give, take,
Let go.
Don’t cut the worm, my maker.’

Love your land
Whatever is allotted to you.
Search for the lost key
And forgive 

copyright Bill Parkinson 2013