Monthly Archives: May 2015

Koroni rainbow lightning

By early May a pattern of dry sunny days with blue skies has usually settled in and then there may not be any more rain for another 4 months.,,,,,….. that is, after one last storm that comes literally out of the blue. We has such a storm a few days ago, dark clouds filled the blue sky and a heavy electrical storm swept through with hailstones and torrential rain. It passed over in a couple of hours onto Koroni and the sun re-appeared, forming a perfect rainbow with a 2nd ghost rainbow above.

Jane, who is staying at Gargarou, took this magical photo from the front of her Villa towards Koroni, capturing both the rainbow and lightning:

rainbow and lightning Koroni

Jane also took this one, showing the end of the rainbow meeting St Friday’s church, Gargarou:

rainbow over St Fridays

We took a couple too:

rainbow at Gargarou

Rachael took this one using the ‘panorama’ camera setting which came out unexpectedly: