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A week of Sunrises 16-22 November

I love the stillness at dawn, the delicate scent of jasmine and sage, subtle hues of sea and mountains, distant soft sounds of moving waves, fishing boats, first birdsong. It is amazing being part of the quietness, feeling the momentary changes, sensing subtleties beyond words.  Then the sun rises, a wonder full moment …fills me with joy. I’ve noticed how different the sunrise is these November days..  so I took photos the last 7 mornings outside our house.

The last few mornings the moon has been clear and bright over us

summer solstice sunrise

A deep calm feeling of peace and appreciation as the sun rose through a cloud over the Taygetos mountains across the sea, sitting by the myrtle bush at Gargarou Retreat.The myrtle tree is a symbol of love and of peace. Myrtle was the tree of Aphrodite who is often depicted with a myrtle crown. The flowers are wonderfully sweet scented and attract the bees. A beautiful sunrise at Gargarou for Pete’s Birthday!