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Koroni rainbow lightning

By early May a pattern of dry sunny days with blue skies has usually settled in and then there may not be any more rain for another 4 months.,,,,,….. that is, after one last storm that comes literally out of the blue. We has such a storm a few days ago, dark clouds filled the blue sky and a heavy electrical storm swept through with hailstones and torrential rain. It passed over in a couple of hours onto Koroni and the sun re-appeared, forming a perfect rainbow with a 2nd ghost rainbow above.

Jane, who is staying at Gargarou, took this magical photo from the front of her Villa towards Koroni, capturing both the rainbow and lightning:

rainbow and lightning Koroni

Jane also took this one, showing the end of the rainbow meeting St Friday’s church, Gargarou:

rainbow over St Fridays

We took a couple too:

rainbow at Gargarou

Rachael took this one using the ‘panorama’ camera setting which came out unexpectedly:







green man red car

David and Ann who are staying at Gargarou Retreat took these photos. Ann says ‘this wonderful tree with a Green Man face was taken at twilight along the lower path to Harokopio’.

Green Man

And this olive grove walking back from Koronired-car


Scarlet Tiger moth and Naked Man orchid

Our olive grove is full of wild flowers, bees, butterflies…. and moths. David and Ann, our guests saw this Scarlet Tiger moth, Callimorpha dominula, holding on a blade of grass being moved with the wind…being still for ages.

This Orchid, Orchis italica, Naked Man orchid is amazing as it grows seeing the figures form and dance out of the flower head.



Peloponnese February wild flowers

We are at Gargarou Retreat after a visit to England and our olive grove is lush with beautiful wild iris, giant orchids, camomile, crown anemones, wood sorrel and many more. Wild Iris, Iris unguicularis

Robert’s giant orchid Barlia robertiana

Crown anemone, Anemone coronaria in our olive grove below Villa Fig and Villa Jasmine

Wood sorrel,oxalis stricta are in clusters around the olive trees, a favourite wild flower with 3 heart shaped leaflets and deep yellow flower closing at night..

olive grove below villa Fig with crown anemones

Greek chamomile, Anthemis chia in front of villa Sunrise





Earth fire and moonlight

I love the simplicity of how I work with clay now, gathering clay fallen onto the beach, the olive grove being my studio, moon lit shadows of the olive trees surrounding me, layers and layers of stars, bats flying, owls calling to each other in the olive groves, a bright fire, my hands making with clay.

This was a making night with a fire and bright moon earlier this month.

I will fire the clay pieces with the olive branches cut from the olive harvest which we did today, so will build the fire next week.


November in Greece

I especially love November at Gargarou, still warm sun, eating breakfast and lunch outside or lunch on the beach, wild flowers growing, and delicious ripe pomegranates, the last of our okra and the last figs last week.  The rosemary and lavender is in full blossom and full of buzzing of bees going from one flower to another. And some thunderstorms and some rain and rainbows over the sea!

We can see the Taygetos Mountains more clearly this time of year, in the summer it can be a bit hazy, this is from Gargarou beach.