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October sun and flowers on deserted beaches

Wonderful warm and sunny days here on the Peloponnese, we are having a glorious October with temperatures 23 and above. Plants are growing and flowering, feels like a second Spring and Autumn is also here with fig leaves falling, still fresh figs for breakfast, vines changing colour and olives ready to harvest. We had a day out yesterday to our favourite beach at Methoni  by the castle and had a picnic on the huge rocks that fill the beach, no one there except us

On the way back we walked along Lampes beach, a beautiful sandy beach with sand dunes looking across to islands, a few people enjoying the sun and swimming.

Both beaches are still natural beaches with wild flowers growing on the dunes and in between the rocks.



Gargarou, Peroulia, Akti and Agias Triada beaches

There are 4 beaches in walking distance to Gargarou Retreat. 

Gargarou beach is 15 minutes walk from Gargarou Retreat and a further 15 minutes walk along the waters edge takes you to Peroulia beach and then onto Akti.

Agias Triada beach is 25 minutes walk from Gargarou Retreat along a track towards Koroni.

All are beautiful beaches some sand, some areas of different stones and shells and a lovely natural wooded cliff alongside with shells embedded in.  Gargarou and Peroulia are shallow and sandy in the sea. At Peroulia  there is a taverna serving  traditional Messinian cuisine and freshly caught fish and a beach bar.

At Akti there is a bar on the beach and sunbeds and a lift built into the cliff to a taverna with fresh fish and delicious Greek dishes with a spectacular view along the coast to Koroni and over  the Messinian Gulf to the Mani.

Visit to the Shard, London

Pete’s photos of our visit to The Shard yesterday with Rachael’s parents and our friend Bechsy. We had spectacular views across London from floors 69 and 72. We were lucky to go up on a clear bright day in January in the late afternoon so we saw a wonderful sunset looking  towards Battersea power station. The lift took us up in just a few seconds, traveling 6 metres a second.


Neolithic stone rows, stone circle and hut circles, Dartmoor

Merivale is on the western side of Dartmoor, not far from where I used to live in Tavistock. There are Neolithic hut circles there, north of the main road which are hard to find and stone rows and a stone circle just south of the road from the parking place by the side of the road up past the Merivale Arms. It’s always been a special place to visit for me. These photos were taken in October this year.

Herd Flock and Tsapi beach

Tsapi beach is about 25 minutes drive from Gargarou Retreat, past Koroni towards Finikounda. We passed a herd of goats on the road by the busy olive mill at Vasilitsi and later we watched a huge flock of birds from the terrace of a friends house near Tsapi beach, hearing the beating of their wings as they passed us several times.It is a beautiful drive through the valley surrounded by wild hills past Vasilitsi and down the road to Tspsi. The beach was deserted with wild seas and the sun bright and warm.


Polilimnio waterfalls

Southern Greece is very dry over the summer. By early May the last rain has gone and there is usually none or very little until September. This year we’ve had one big storm a couple of weeks ago and that’s all. Usually the first big storm brings a change to cooler weather but this year it’s stayed hot, still over 30C.

Last week we needed to go to Kalamata and went to the Polilimnio waterfalls on the way back. It’s a small lush gorge with a series of lovely waterfalls and lakes, an especially beautiful place to visit in the heat of summer.

I’ve added a Polilimnio waterfalls page to our website travel guide that describes the gorge and how to get there.